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Happy Tail: A laugh a day is Sebastian’s way


Sebastian doesn’t look extraordinary. He’s handsome, it’s true, but who knew that he would be such a purveyor of wisdom. Still, that’s how his “mom,” Heather Reisig sees him.

Large brown dog relaxing

Read Sebastian’s touching story in Heather’s own words.

“He has taught me so much about living in the moment and not sweating the small stuff,” Heather says. She traveled from Russell, KS to Carrollton, TX, to adopt Sebastian after seeing him on Petfinder. He was listed on the site by Operation Kindness, which has been taking care of homeless cats and dogs in North Texas since 1976.

Prior to Sebastian’s rescue, he had been tied up outdoors. He was left alone all day, every day in the broiling Texas sun. Heather is amazed that he could be such a gentle soul after having been so neglected.

But Sebastian doesn’t hold a grudge. “More than anything, my beautiful dog Sebastian has taught me about forgiveness and leaving the past in the past,” Heather says.

And finally she adds one more thing that is perhaps the greatest gift he has given her, “With his antics, he has taught me how to laugh.”

We all need more laughter in our lives. And a dog or kitty companion might be just the answer.

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