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Are our obese pets emotional eaters?


Obesity has become an increasingly big issue in America, and not just in humans. In this episode of Steve Dale’s Pet World: Obese Pets and Exercise, Steve explores the issue of obesity in pets, uncovering an interesting theory that could be adding to the obesity epidemic in pets:


Buddy was featured in Petfinder’s Fit FurKeeps campaign to raise awareness about pet obesity.

“We all know there’s an obesity epidemic in animals,” says Dr. Frank McMillan of Best Friends Animal Society, “and what I’m starting to see as I look closer and closer is that there does seem to be a connection between animals that are deprived emotionally in some ways and their over-weightness.” Dr. McMillan is pointing out that, just like humans, if our pets are left alone for too long or get bored, they’ll eat.

Dr. McMillan’s theory is that the animals who lose weight with exercise are probably losing weight because they are getting the interaction and stimulation that they need. What this does is eliminate the need to eat to make up for their boredom.

Now take some time and think. Does your pet overeat?

After the jump: Watch as a resourceful dog empties the fridge while his parents aren’t looking.

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