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A tiny kitten thrown from a car receives a flood of support


Petfinder visitors are donating in droves to help Peggy Sue, a tiny kitten apparently thrown out of a moving car on a busy Michigan highway on June 24. (Read more about Peggy Sue’s rescue and see a video about her here.)


Peggy Sue, who’s about six weeks old, is living at Dworkis Dog & Cat Hospital in Southfield, MI, being treated for an upper respiratory infection and awaiting surgery to have her severely fractured leg amputated. Her care is being paid for by the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan in Madison Heights, and when she’s recovered, she’ll be adoptable at that shelter.

Despite her horrible treatment, illness and injuries, Peggy Sue is a sweet and happy kitten. “She was very alert, gentle and interested in toys when I met her,” AWS vice president Jessica Sarcona tells us. “She enjoyed the soft pets and the attention. I think she will be a very playful, sweet kitten who knows she was saved from a horrible fate.”

peggysue2-MI13.23380605.jpgIt’s still unknown how much her vet bills will come to, but Petfinder visitors have already clicked Peggy’s Sue’s “Sponsor Me” button and donated nearly $800 to AWS to contribute to her care. “We have received an outpouring of donations and support that we are so thankful to be able to receive to help Peggy Sue and other homeless animals too,” Sarcona says.

If you’d like to help Peggy Sue, you can visit her Petfinder page to donate toward her care — but Sarcona hopes those moved by her story will also consider adopting one of the shelter’s many other pets. “There
is nothing more rewarding than to save animals who likely wouldn’t
have been saved and then to see them leave with their forever families who
will love and care for them for the rest of their
lives,” she says.

Want to help shelter pets across North America? Donate to the Petfinder Foundation!

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