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Happy Tail: A mom and her puppies are dumped on the side of the road


Hudson was found in a roadside ditch in Kentucky, along with his mother, brothers and sisters. The puppies were about two weeks old. The mother herself was just a pup, about six months old. It’s hard to imagine the unconscionable behavior of leaving a dog and her litter beside a road, but there they were, in imminent danger.


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in Emily Scharen’s own words.

A good Samaritan got them off the roadside and turned them over to a local, open-admission animal shelter. Their chance of survival there seemed slim, too, because open-admission shelters are subject to overcrowding. (Open-admission shelters must take in all strays and relinquished animals.) Sadly, euthanasia is often the result.

Fortunately, groups like Good Karma Puppy Rescue have made it their mission to work with overcrowded shelters. Good Karma makes regular trips to Kentucky to relieve the particular shelter where Hudson and his mom and siblings were located, so soon the little family was headed to Waterford, MI. When the pups were old enough, their photos and descriptions were posted on Petfinder.

Emily Scharen, Belford, NJ, was browsing the website, looking for a puppy to adopt. She and her family spotted Hudson and fell in love with his adorable face. They didn’t think twice about hopping into their car and heading to Michigan. It was an 11-hour trip one way, a sure testament of true love, and his is definitely a face to love.

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