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Happy Tail: A purebreed-lover discovers the joys of mixed-breed Dachshunds


Jett and Jasper look like lucky dogs today, but it wasn’t always so. For Jett, a Border Collie/Dachshund mix, his story started out when his pregnant mom was relinquished to a shelter in Oregon, which placed the mom and the soon-to-be-born pups in foster care.


Read Jett and Jasper’s story in Theresa’s own words.

Jasper, a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, was dumped at a campsite in Washington State, along with his mother and five siblings. For about two weeks, the mom protected them not only from wilderness threats like coyotes, but also from the cars in the campground. Apparently they went up to campers individually for food while the mom hid the others. Someone eventually corralled the bunch and took them to Adams County Pet Rescue in Ritzville, WA, where they were placed in foster families.

One by one, Jasper and Jett’s sibs got adopted, but not these two. Theresa Becker says the old saying is true: They save the best for last. She saw both pups on Petfinder. “My husband claimed I was crazy driving 10 hours round trip to adopt Jett, then 12 hours round trip to adopt Jasper,” the Boise, Idaho, woman says. “But after viewing their photos, I had to go get them.”

Jasper had some trust issues at first, Theresa says, but now he comes to
her when he is called, and both pups have become loving family members
who like to snuggle. What’s most amazing is how they have taken to each
other. They like to play together and then snuggle up for a nap.

has had purebred Dachshunds all her life, but these “have bigger
personalities than my purebreds ever had. I will never buy a dog from a
breeder again. Rescue dogs seem to know they are blessed and show their
appreciation for that fact.” Jett and Jasper have a lot to appreciate.


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