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Happy Tail: A victim of breed discrimination finds a welcoming home


“Rotties rule!” says Melissa Long of Rural Retreat, VA. When her Rottweiler, Lola, died, there was a big hole in Melissa’s heart that she knew could only be filled by another Rottweiler. So she began looking on Petfinder. “And there she was … Four hours away and four years old,” Melissa says.

Read the story about Baby in Melissa’s own words.

Baby had been relinquished to Randolph County Humane Society in Elkins, WV. Situations like hers occur when a family finds that their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover certain breeds of dogs. In Baby’s case, Melissa believed her previous family was sad to give her up because they sponsored her adoption fee to help her find a new home.

And that she had been special to them was obvious, Melissa adds. “Someone had clearly spent time with her. She is well socialized.” So off went Melissa to West Virginia to adopt Baby.

The big pooch fit right into the Long’s pack . “It didn’t take any time for her to claim her spot on the couch and the bed,” Melissa says.

Besides Melissa, Baby’s family now includes Melissa’s husband, Jake, their 16-year-old daughter, Mallory, and two common victims of breed discrimination, a Doberman and a Pit Bull mix, and two kitties. They’re one big happy family.

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