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Happy Tail: Finding a pet online surprises this adopter


“Who would have ever thought you’d find a pet online?” Ginger Niles asks. It surprises many people, but when Ginger was looking for a buddy for her older cat, Zach, she learned about Petfinder and found that, indeed, you can find a pet on the web. What really surprised her was the sheer number. “Pages and pages,” she says. In fact, over 150,000 cats are on the website at any given time, and the posts are changing daily as cats get adopted and others get listed.


But when Ginger saw Angelo, her search was over. The two-year-old had been in foster care since he was born, and his listing on Petfinder showed photos throughout his life. Ginger poured over them.

Then “I started contacting his foster mom and jumped through hoops to make sure she knew he’d have a loving home!” Ginger says. Whatever she did worked; her application was approved. She and a friend headed to Heaven to Betsy’s Rescue in Griffith, IN, to bring the little fellow to his new forever home in Wheeling, IL, where Ginger lives.

“He had some fears to overcome that we’ve been working on,” she
says, “but Angelo is now a dear heart. He loves being petted, playing
with my other two cats, and is just a sweetheart. Independent! Smart!
Creative! And a little love!”

All three of Ginger’s cats are rescues — and when she wants another, she knows right where to go: Petfinder, of course.

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