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Happy Tail: They nearly gave up on finding a dog


Stella is just like a child, her “mom,” Lauren Pearce, says. “She loves to play, play, play and is constantly getting all of her toys out of her toy basket and leaving them all over the floor.” Lauren and her fiance, who live in Montgomery, OH, decided it was time to “invest in the love and companionship of a dog.”


Read this happy tail in the pup’s new  “mom’s” own words.

They began their search on Petfinder.
Several pups they looked at had already been adopted by the time she contacted their shelters, and she was losing hope when, says Lauren, “my fiance’s mother found Stella, who lived nearby in a foster home.” Stella was listed on Petfinder by HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) of Cincinnati.

Lauren wasted no time; she went to meet Stella that very same day. “Next thing I know I am her forever mother!” she says. She credits Petfinder with being an easy-to-use site that led them to “their darling Stella.”

“The puppy is like my child,” Lauren says.”I can’t imagine loving
anything more than I love this puppy,” even if, like a child, she leaves
her toys all over the place.

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