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Happy Tail: A puppy struts her stuff and wins a home


Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what mix of breeds makes up the special combination that spells mutt. Halle, for instance, was listed as a Schnauzer/Poodle mix when she was first added to Petfinder, but the person who relinquished her to the City of Emporia Animal Shelter in Kansas kept changing her mind about what the dog was.


Read this happy tail about Sophie in MaKenna’s own words.

When MaKenna DeHart of Olsburg, KS, began looking on Petfinder, her heart was set on a poodle or poodle mix. It wasn’t hard to find one, but when she would contact a shelter, she found that Poodles and Poodle mixes were so popular that the dogs had already been spoken for. Looking back, she’s really glad for the delay because that’s how she found Halle, now named Sophie.

There were no pictures of Halle on the site, but MaKenna was intrigued by the description and somehow was convinced that this was the dog for her.

“The woman who I was in contact with was alarmed that I hadn’t seen pictures of her,” MaKenna says, “and made sure I saw some before I drove all that way to get her. In all honesty, after seeing the pictures, I was a little wary because she looked so nervous in them, but I agreed to meet her anyway.”

The personal visit did it, and the adoption has turned out well. “She
was so happy to see us at the shelter and, when she came home, she made
it her business to greet everyone,” MaKenna says. “She is now a year old
and is as smart as a whip. I could talk all day about her intelligence
and personality.”

Her satisfaction with Sophie makes it easy to
believe that the pooch was indeed a dog waiting just for MaKenna. As for
Sophie’s breed, MaKenna has pretty much decided she’s Italian
Greyhound/Poodle/Terrier — and a great mix it is.

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