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Happy Tail: A dog’s brown eyes win her a forever home


A pair of brown eyes stared at Katherine Kendall from a news feed on her Facebook page. They belonged to a dog at Lucky Dog Rescue in Washington, DC. She had almost certainly been saved from euthanasia at an over-crowded southern shelter and was now listed for adoption on Petfinder.


Katherine Kendall was still mourning the death of the family’s dog, Giselle, and didn’t feel ready to adopt again. “I was hesitant to open my heart to another pet,” she says — but there were those brown eyes.

She clicked through to Petfinder to read Edie’s full description. The pooch sounded perfect, so she approached her husband, Eric, about getting a dog. He expressed his reservations: she was too big for one thing. They lived in a row house in D.C., he reminded her.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she told him and began ticking off the
negatives. “Maybe she needs a huge yard. And we would double our daycare
expenses. And food expenses. And vet expenses.” Nevertheless, Katherine
emailed the rescue group, hoping the dog had been adopted.

No such luck, and the person to whom she talked reminded her
that the Kendall family was pre-approved for adoption because they’d
adopted Giselle from them. The person also told her about an adoption
event the following Sunday.

“When Sunday rolled around, I reminded my husband of the
adoption event,” she says. “I told him I just wanted to meet Edie and
walk away knowing it was our decision. My patient husband reluctantly
agreed, and we drove to the event, toddler son in tow. I fully expected
to leave after ten minutes.”

At the event, Katherine zeroed in on Edie immediately. “She was
smaller than she looked in pictures. A promising sign. And despite the
barking and commotion around us, she was Zen Dog. She just sat there and
let me stroke her ears.”

Eric, in turn, walked the dog around the parking lot, and then he and Katherine talked it over.

“Do you love her?” Eric asked.

“We can’t possibly take her home,” Katherine said. “We don’t have room in the car, we don’t even have a crate for her…”

“You are rationalizing,” Eric said. “Do you love her?”

“Yes. I do love her,” she answered.

Thirty minutes later, Katherine, Eric and their toddler son were on their way home — with Edie, their new pooch.

“I recently asked Eric what made him change his mind,” Katherine
Eric told her he had looked into Edie’s eyes. “And I could just tell she
was a good dog,” he’d said. “She was looking for an anchor, and I knew
that we could be that for her.”

“It’s always the eyes,” Katherine says. Yes, the eyes have it.

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