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Here’s What You Said: How you advocate for homeless pets


Back in Petfinder’s early days, a woman wrote to us and asked if she could use our logo on a magnet for her car. “Absolutely!” we responded and thought about all those people who would see it in the city where she lived. Soon after that, we had magnets made, and they went into our Petfinder store so others could spread the word in this way. Bumper stickers began appearing on cars, too. Another person hung a Petfinder banner that she’d made on her front fence.

Thinking about those early heroes of ours made us wonder about other ways to advocate for homeless pets so we asked you in our May newsletter. Here are a few of the ways you’re helping:

Grace B. simply twists her friends’ arms — and sometimes it works. Recently one of them adopted a pet she advocated for.


Katherine K’s son poses with the family’s newly adopted dog, Edie.

Others of you advocate for a pet by posting his or her Petfinder listing on Facebook. Katherine K. says she wasn’t in the market to adopt another dog until Edie popped up in her news feed. “Her photo was so striking, I just had to click through to Petfinder and learn more about her,” Katherine says. “Wouldn’t you know it — a week later I adopted her!”

Some of you print out photos of pets that appeal to you (but whom you can’t adopt) and put their pictures on the bulletin board at work or in public places. Good strategy!

And some of you get even more creative. Jane H. writes, “I foster special-needs adoptable pets for New York-based rescue group K9Kastle. Since all the pets I take in are special-needs, I know they need an extra push to help them find homes. I create special videos for each of my foster pets that go on both YouTube and Petfinder. One of them was so popular that people all the way in Australia donated to K9Kastle because they were too far away to adopt my foster pet (watch that video here). I’ve had other adopters tell me that the video was what ‘pushed them over the edge’ in deciding to adopt — like my former foster dog Tilly’s video — not a small feat for pets who otherwise have a hard time getting adopted!”

Another way to support a particular pet is to take part in the Petfinder
Foundation’s Sponsor A Pet program. Giving financial support can save a
pet’s life in a financially strapped and overcrowded shelter. Check it out.

If you have a website, consider adding a Petfinder widget or banner
to it. These dynamic little gizmos can show featured pets at your
favorite shelter, and the content refreshes with a different pet each
time the page is loaded.

Help us give homeless pets a louder
voice. Your advocacy can make all the difference in the world for a pet,
even if you can’t adopt one.

Tell us: Traveling with a pet can be a challenge at times. How do find pet-friendly places to stay? We’d like to know how you cope and what challenges you face.

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