How you helped shelters win $1 million!

Sunday marked the end of the second round of voting in The Animal
Rescue Site’s $300,000 Shelter+ Challenge of 2012
— and another
milestone: ARS and the Petfinder Foundation have now given $1 million
to shelters and rescue groups through the Shelter+ Challenge! (See the most recent winners.)


Meet adoptable Duchess in Seattle through prize winner Old Dog Haven.

We are extremely grateful to ARS for funding the challenge every year
since 2008. The prizes have helped hundreds of shelters and rescue
groups, chosen by your votes, better care for homeless pets. The
Shelter+ Challenge is an incredible opportunity for so many
organizations to earn funds, involve their online supporters and get
the word out about what they do in their community.

Above all, voting in the challenge is fair. Some organizations,
unfortunately, have tried to game the system by emailing their
supporters with ways to get around the contest’s one-vote-per-day

But deleting cookies or refreshing your browser won’t give your
group more votes — and neither will any other “secret, surefire”
methods. The contest comes with all types of safeguards to ensure that
only legitimate votes are counted, and efforts to cheat only damage an
organization’s reputation.

Round 3 of the challenge starts July 9 and kicks off
even more opportunities for new groups to win $150,000 in grants!
Learn more here.

And while you’re waiting for the next round to start, don’t forget to
visit every day to click to give to pets in

Learn more about the Petfinder Foundation or donate!

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