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The Queen of Spain experiences love at first sight – for a shelter dog


Lots of activities have surrounded Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee, but our hats are tipped to Spain’s Queen Sofia. And if you guess that it has something to do with homeless pets, you’re right.


Paquita watched passersby at pet fair and caught a Queen’s eye. (Photo courtesy of:

According to, a Spanish TV channel,
Her Royal Highness was at a meeting of the College of Veterinarians of Madrid to receive an award in recognition of her commitment to the welfare and protection of animals. While there, she attended a Companion Animal Fair with various government officials.

Find out how little Paquita caught the eye of royalty after the jump!

As Queen Sofia was strolling through the exhibit hall, she spotted a
little mutt at the booth of Grenada-based shelter Asociación Ladridos
Vagabundos and stopped to pet her. The next thing you know, the little
dog known as Paquita had found a forever home at the Zarzuela Palace,
which offers a mighty fine set of digs for any dog, if you ask me.
The three-year-old pooch had been abandoned at the shelter by her
previous family.

The Queen, in an interview with,
says her family always had dogs. At the time of the interview, she had
two Yorkies, a gray parrot, turtles, and a cat she adopted. Now, of course, there is a
new member of the Royal family, Paquita.

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