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How we’re helping to keep Mango safe this kitten season


The summer is kitten season, when shelters are flooded with unwanted litters. These adorable furballs, with their undeveloped immune systems, are vulnerable to disease, especially in a shelter — and particularly if they’re orphaned and can’t benefit from their mother’s antibodies.


Mango is just one of the cats benefiting from a vaccination grant.

The Petfinder Foundation is helping shelters keep their cats and kittens safe from disease with our latest round of FVRCP vaccination grants. Not only do the vaccinations save lives, they let shelters free up their vet-care funds to help sick, neglected and abused pets.

Perhaps most important, vaccinations help cats get into forever homes faster. “Though many viral respiratory diseases are treatable, [having an infection] requires the feline to be in our care longer,” says Kim Penque, president of Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter in Massachusetts, which got an FVRCP grant. And unfortunately, “the older a cat
becomes, the harder the adoption is at times.”

After the jump: Meet Tara, an adult cat who benefited from an FVRCP vaccination.


Spayed, vaccinated and no longer fearful, Tara is ready to go home!

An adult cat benefiting from an FVRCP vaccination is Tara, who lives at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. “A cat who was given up by her owner, Tara was the epitome of fearful,” shelter grant manager Evelyn Viechec tells us. “She hid in her kennel and wouldn’t come to anyone.”

But after a few weeks of behavior therapy, Tara came out of her shell. “Now, she’ll purr and come forward for attention,” says Amber, a trainer at the shelter. “Looking at Tara now, I wouldn’t have known that she had issues. She’s such a good girl.”

The attention given to a cat like Tara just goes to show how our grant recipients will do whatever it takes to help pets in their care find forever homes. Tara has now been spayed and fully vaccinated, including for FVRCP. “This lifesaving vaccine is helping many cats like Tara to live healthier lives,” Viechec says. “We would like to thank the Petfinder Foundation for this generous grant!”

The shelters that received the FVRCP vaccination grants are:

Many thanks to the Animal Rescue Site and the donors like you who made this grant possible. Want to help? Purchase a Gift that Gives More on the Animal Rescue Site: Protect 10 Shelter Cats with Vaccinations for just $20!

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