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Happy Tail: After four years of searching, two cats find a home


For four years, the two cats, Cooper and James, stayed in the care of Stray Pets In Need (SPIN) in Wellesley, MA. Their shyness kept them from being chosen when people were searching for cats to adopt.


Read James and Cooper’s story in their “mom” Katie’s own words.

During their first two years there, Katie Mack of Natick, MA, was working at the pet store where SPIN’s cats are housed. She often took care of the adoption area, but at the time, she wasn’t in a position to adopt a pet. She watched as James and Cooper became more mistrusting and withdrawn.

She moved to Boston with her mother, but returned to Natick in 2009 and into an apartment where she could have a cat. She began looking at SPIN’s Petfinder pet list to see who was available to adopt.

“I noticed Cooper and James were yet to be adopted,” she says. “I wasn’t
surprised. I knew how shy they were and that they needed a quiet home
which is hard to find for one five-year-old cat, never mind a bonded
pair.” She decided to give them their second chance.

She didn’t expect to see much of them at first, thinking they
would hide, so she left them alone the first evening, leaving them to

“I came home to find James under the bed and Cooper
sprawled on the couch like he owned it. About an hour after I was home, I
was sitting in bed and Cooper hopped up and sat in my lap. I was in
total shock.” By morning James had joined him, both sleeping on the
foot of the bed.

“It has been almost a year now, and the transformation is
amazing,” she says. “Both cats follow me everywhere, purring, friendly
and happier than I’ve ever seen them. The shyest, hiss-at-everything cat
has become a cuddle bug and spends every night curled beside me. I’m so
grateful I got the chance to have them in my life and ever thankful to
SPIN for not giving up on the task of finding them their forever home.
From now on, they’ll want for nothing.”

Life offers lots of very pleasant surprises. The transformation of Cooper and James is one of those.

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