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Happy Tail: Love at first sight strikes again!


Many pet adoptions hinge on a common feeling: love at first sight. When Kelly Fisher saw Buttercup on Petfinder, it happened to her. She contacted Adopt-A-Pet, Inc. in Fenton, MI, and arranged to meet the kitty the very next day.


Read Buttercup’s adoption story in Kelly’s own words.

“When they brought her out to us,” the Goodrich, MI, woman says, “she was rubbing her head under our chins, licking us. It was like she knew we were there to take her home.”

Maybe it was simply love at first sight for Buttercup as well as the Fishers because she fits with them like buttercream frosting on cupcakes. “We are very, very, very happy with her,” says Kelly. Buttercup is very happy getting to sleep with Kelly and her husband at night and play with the laser pen toy during the day.

Love at first sight is a sweet thought. We’re glad it strikes so many people.

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