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Happy Tail: A shy cat reveals her lap-cat tendencies hours after adoption


Kylie Payeur didn’t even have to hold the pretty black-and-white cat in her arms to know that she was the one for her. “Just one look in her eyes, and I knew she would be mine forever,” Kylie, a resident of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, says.


Read the story of Grace’s adoption in her “mom’s” own words.

Interestingly enough, she first saw the cat when she was on the computer, browsing through Petfinder for a dog to adopt as a playmate for her puppy.

“A friend of mine wanted to take a look at the cats,” Kylie says, “and as we were clicking in the profiles of the animals, we saw the most beautiful cat in the world. Her name was Grace, and she was gorgeous.”

Grace had been waiting for a home since 2010 and that was enough to prod Kylie to head across the American/Canadian border to Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, to meet the cat in person.

Though the staff said that Grace was very timid and afraid of people,
that didn’t dissuade Kylie. “It only took a few hours of getting her
home until she was snuggled in my lap, purring away,” Kylie says. It
just took the RIGHT person, apparently, and Grace knew who that was.

“She is by far the most amazing cat I’ve ever had, and I am
amazed that it took me so long to find her,” Kylie says. To put it
simply, she’s amazing Grace.

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