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Happy Tail: Then a cat named Destiny found her …


When Samantha Meehan of Cedar Rapids, IA, lost her cat to sudden kidney failure in October, she was devastated. She’d had Shadow since she was eight years old. Now 10 1/2 years later, her good pal was gone.


“I went into deep depression,” she says, “and another cat was something I considered, but just didn’t want.”

Then destiny stepped in, or in this case, a cat named Destiny.
One day in February, Samantha randomly decided to look on Petfinder. There she saw a listing that seemed to be fated for her. The 4-year-old cat was at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, and Samantha kept coming back to the photo for one more look. Something about the cat seemed to speak directly to her, and she wondered if that’s how one knows something is meant to be, how one meets one’s destiny.

Now she’s certain it is. “Desti is by far the best thing that could have
happened to me,” she says. “She is so beautiful and it amuses me so
much when she sits perched up on the window, staring out and talking
back to you when you say her name or ask her something.”

She still misses Shadow, of course, but the cuddly and playful
Desti has helped fill the hole that Shadow’s death left in Samantha’s

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