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Happy Tail: An adopted cat makes a perfect friend for a young boy


Amber Whitaker and her son had just moved, so his world had changed. A pet, she thought, would give him stability in his life. “I wanted to give him a pet to grow up with, someone to talk to and snuggle with that wasn’t just me,” she says.

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Read Simon’s adoption story in Amber’s own words.

The Hendersonville, NC, mom is a full-time student, so neither she nor her son would be at home all the time. A dog seemed out of the question. “It didn’t seem fair to leave a dog locked up in a crate all day during the week.”

She decided a cat might be the answer and started browsing through local shelters on Petfinder, where she came across a 4-month-old that that looked as if he was part Maine Coon.

“I knew that breed was famous for being kid-friendly,” she says. Simon, as he was called, seemed perfect.

So she and her son traveled the 60 miles to Foothills Humane Society in Columbus, NC, to meet him. He was staying in a foster home, so they
went from the shelter to the foster home to see him, and then back to
the shelter to do the paperwork for the adoption.

Before long
they were on their way home. Simon has become a full-fledged member of
their family and has, indeed, proved himself to be kid-friendly. He has
been just what her son needed, and they are great buddies.

“I’ll keep Simon with us for the rest of his life because he’s
got a piece of our hearts,” Amber says. That’s probably what Simon says
as well.

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