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Happy Tail: An adopted cat has a fetching habit


Katie Parvin had just graduated from college and was ready to start her new life. It occurred to her that she needed a furry companion. Her family had always had a cat while she was growing up, and here she was without one. She felt lonely.


The McKinney, Texas, woman looked on Petfinder and read a listing about Sicily, an eight-month-old cat (still a kitten really) who had given birth to a large litter of kittens. The babies had all been adopted, but not Sicily. She had been posted on Petfinder by A Different Breed Animal Rescue in Dallas and was living in a foster home.

Katie contacted the foster mom and soon had adopted her own little furry friend.
“The thing that drew me to Sicily was that she loves to play fetch,” says Katie. “She brings me rubber bands to throw; I throw them; she retrieves them, better than my retrieving dog.”
[Editor’s note: Never leave rubber bands with your unattended cat because they are a danger if ingested.]

The non-fetching Retriever/Lab/Cocker mix, Roscoe, came into the family
after Sicily. A friend saw his listing on Petfinder and sent the link to
Katie. Roscoe was a stray who had not been claimed at an open-admission shelter and his time was up. He was scheduled for euthanasia,
so though Katie hadn’t planned on another pet so soon, she had to help

Though the shelter staff didn’t know if Roscoe liked cats, it
seems he does. The two new pets have became the best of friends. Lucky
breaks all around.

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