A Tennessee shelter gets a much-needed makeover (and cat room!)


The Petfinder Foundation’s Rescue U team is heading to Tennessee’s Humane Society of Jefferson County, where from May 22-30, the student volunteers will complete a staggering number of projects to renovate the shelter. The Jefferson County shelter is near and dear to the students’ hearts: Shelter manager Melissa Enck is a graduate of Delaware Valley College — where Rescue U got its start.


Adoptable pets like Wilma will benefit from the renovation of the
Humane Society of Jefferson County.

Today is traveling day. Christine Yacco, a Rescue U and Delaware Valley College alum, and I are driving from Pennsylvania to Jefferson City, TN. We spent hours yesterday loading a U-Haul with tools and supplies. In a normal car, it would be an 11-hour drive. In our loaded-down truck, it will definitely take a few hours more.

Doug Woolsey, a Rescue U program manager based in Tucson, is meeting us at the shelter. Christine, Doug and I will get all the supplies and work plans ready. We’ll also pre-pour the concrete foundation for the new cat-enrichment area that we’re building for the shelter.

The students can then jump right in on Tuesday when they start working. This is going to be a great trip and the shelter staff and board of directors are so excited and appreciative. They’ve even promised to cook for us. You have to love Southern hospitality!


Rescue U will turn this empty space into a cat-enrichment area.

The cat enrichment area is being built on an unused piece of land at the shelter. The structure will be our biggest cat house to date, and will come with heat and air conditioning, a sink, two indoor playrooms and two attached outdoor play yards for the cats.

And that’s just one of the cool projects the students will be completing on this renovation. Check out some of the other projects we will be writing about in the days to come!

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