Katherine Heigl helps the Petfinder Foundation fight kennel cough

Katherine Heigl’s Jason Debus Heigl Foundation and the Petfinder Foundation have awarded San Bernardino City Animal Control $7,000 to vaccinate shelter dogs against bordetella, often called kennel cough.


Photo courtesy of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

“We are very pleased to work with the Petfinder Foundation in our common
mission to improve the lives of homeless pets,” Heigl says.
“The Petfinder Foundation’s
generous grant to San Bernardino Animal Control is a lifesaver because
vaccinations are vital for shelter pets’ health.”

San Bernardino City Animal Control takes in about 900 dogs and puppies a month, but only adopts out about 200, due in part to disease. The bordetella grant will dramatically impact those numbers.

“To give a dog a chance at finding a forever
home is our ultimate goal,” says Ryan Long, a kennel supervisor and registered vet tech at the shelter. “[The vaccination grant] provides the animals at
our shelter a much better chance for a happier and healthier life.
Reducing or even eliminating the outbreaks of bordetella in the shelter
also helps in reducing our euthanasia rate, because those [healthy] animals are
more likely to be adopted.”

After the jump: Learn more about Katherine Heigl’s mission to help pets — and fight balls (and watch her hilarious “I Hate Balls” PSA video).

Heigl and her mother, Nancy, are passionate about pets and understand the challenges faced by municipal animal shelters. Together they founded the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation to improve the lives of pets by funding spay/neuter surgeries, helping rescue organizations and transporting shelter pets to regions where they have greater odds of finding homes.

In November, the Heigl Foundation launched the “I Hate Balls” campaign to promote spaying
and neutering pets. The hilarious PSA video has had more than a million views on FunnyorDie.com (watch it below) and was followed by a “Behind the Scenes” video on Funny or Die and a website, ihateballs.com. Check them out for an unconventional take on a serious subject.

Support the Petfinder Foundation in our mission to vaccinate shelter pets and help them find forever homes.

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