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Happy Tail: Adopter surprised to find perfect cat online


Zach, Ginger Niles’ cat, needed a buddy, so she started looking at Petfinder. “Who would have ever thought you’d find a pet online?” she says. But she saw Angelo listed by Heaven to Betsy’s Rescue in Griffith, IN, and had a hunch that he was the right cat.


Read the story in Ginger’s words.

Angelo had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Fortunately he was in foster care where he had been placed at birth, and now he was two — two long years without a forever home.

“My girlfriend and I drove from Chicago to Indiana to adopt him,” Ginger
says. “He had some fears to overcome that we’ve been working on, but
Angelo is now a dear heart. He loves being petted, playing with my other
two cats, and is just a sweetheart! Independent! Smart! Creative! and a
little love.”

Welcome words to hear from an adopter. Angelo has his forever home.

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