Join our Twitter party to celebrate beds for shelter pets!

The Petfinder Foundation has partnered with luxury dog-bed retailer P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) to give homeless pets warm places to sleep. Through its Warm Bellies Initiative, P.L.A.Y. will donate a Special Edition Chill Pad to a dog in need for every Artist or Original Collection pet bed purchased on or at participating retailers.

Adoptable Ernie enjoys his Chill Pad.

To celebrate, on April 3 from 7-8:30 p.m. ET, P.L.A.Y. is hosting its very first
#WarmBellies Twitter party, and the Petfinder Foundation will be on hand
to answer adoption questions!

Also joining the party are dog trainer and Animal Planet personality Andrea Arden and pet
fashion stylist Dara Foster of And prizes including Petfinder Foundation shirts and P.L.A.Y. pet beds will be given to participants every 5-10 minutes!

Find out how to participate in the #WarmBellies Twitter party (April 3, 7-8:30 p.m. ET).

After the jump: Do shelter pets like their P.L.A.Y. beds? Hear from a Warm Bellies grant recipient!

How much do shelter pets appreciate the Warm Bellies Initiative? Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA, was recently awarded 20 Chill Pads, and NEAS development director Laurie McCannon tells us: “The pets loved the beds when we distributed them and began to snuggle up with them right away!”

Check out adoptable dog Ernie, who found great comfort in the specially designed Chill Pad, above. Once adopted, Ernie will be sent home with his Chill Pad.

To learn more about the Petfinder Foundation and programs like the Warm Bellies Initiative visit the Petfinder Foundation.

About P.L.A.Y.: P.L.A.Y. is a young San Francisco-based company working to redefine the
pet bed experience. Committed to helping animals in need, P.L.A.Y. joins
the Petfinder Foundation in the belief that every pet deserves a
warm and cozy place to sleep. Through our partnership, shelters across
the country will be receiving Special Edition Chill Pads via the
Warm Bellies Initiative, to help homeless dogs keep warm while
they await forever homes.

Find out how to participate in the #WarmBellies Twitter party (April 3, 7-8:30 p.m. ET).

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