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A transport grant saves hundreds of pets in rural shelters


One of the most exciting grants that I administered this year was a transport grant from BISSELL. Ten rural shelters received $3,000 each to transport pets to less-crowded regions where they stood a better chance of being adopted. In the process, the shelters built lasting relationships with the transport groups — meaning more lives will be saved in the future.


Ella was transported to her new home in Buffalo via a grant from the Petfinder Foundation and BISSELL.

The grants went to shelters and rescue groups in California,
Colorado, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and South
Carolina. The shelters were selected because they have low operating budgets and a high intake of adoptable pets. The shelters all promote adoption locally, but their high intake rates mean some of their adoptable pets are still at risk for euthanasia.

In February, while I was on vacation, I was lucky enough to visit one of these shelters, Clark County Animal Shelter in Kentucky. Shelter Director Beth Bowman introduced me to the pets there, and I quickly fell in love with Ella, a small Pit Bull pup rescued from a Dumpster.

“She was emaciated, extremely dehydrated and couldn’t stand without falling over,” Bowman told me. “She had very little hope to survive. I got some NutraCal and Dyne [a high-calorie liquid dietary supplement] for her dehydration. After 24 hours, Ella could stand up to drink. I knew at that point she was going to make it.”

After the jump: Find out what happened to Ella.

Recently, I got an update from Bowman on Ella: “After being transported to New York, a foster named Ginger with The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls Rescue fell in love with Ella. Ella is now Bobbi Ann and lives with Ginger in Buffalo, NY. “

Ginger herself told me, “Bobbi Ann is such a joy, keeping right up
with the big guys. She is a such a cuddler! I’ve never been so happy,
and even my little diva Chi Chi likes her … and she likes no one! She
will have to share her reign as diva with Bobbi Ann.”

Bowman told
me that the transport grant helped them save adoptable dogs that she
may not have been able to get out in time otherwise. She worked with new
groups because of this grant and can rely on those relationships to
save more pets in the future.

I am proud to say that 424
adoptable pets have been rescued to date thanks to
BISSELL’s generous donation! Grant recipients have been thrilled to see
that being able to sponsor vetting and transport for their pets has
enabled them to work with new member partners and save
more lives. Being able to shake hands with some of the folks that work
so hard to save these pets was a great honor, and I can’t think of a
better way to spend my vacation!

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