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Happy Tail: The puppies had been thrown in a creek to drown


Steele was part of an unwanted litter of puppies who were put in a box and thrown into a creek to drown. Fortunately, the box floated and was retrieved by a kind person who turned the pups over to the Preston County Animal Shelter in Kingwood, W.V. Soon, all the pups had been adopted except Steele, who was waiting for his forever home in foster care.


Read Steele’s adoption story in his new mom Beth’s original words.

Beth Durst of Core, W.V., had been waiting too. In her case, she had been waiting for several years to adopt a dog. Her childhood pet had died, but her parents weren’t eager to get another because Beth would be leaving for college in a few years.

After Beth’s freshman year in college, her parents relented and said she could get one. She began to look on Petfinder for a German Shepherd to adopt. Steele, a Shepherd mix, won her heart with his big, sad brown eyes. She contacted the shelter and arranged to adopt him.

That was four years ago. Beth says Steele has been her “fuzzy duckling” ever since. “He is an overgrown lapdog and an incurable mama’s boy, even as my boyfriend and I have added two more ‘happy tails’ to our family.”

Steele is a loving big brother to their rescue Peagle Bailey and, Beth
says, is “amazingly tolerant of our resident royalty, Kita, my fat cat.
Most importantly, he is my space heater, exercise buddy, secret-keeper
and best friend. I am forever grateful to Petfinder for helping me find

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