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Happy Tail: Would they be able to adopt an Alaskan Malamute in Texas?


Jodi Weber and her husband decided the time was right for them to get a dog. They also knew they wanted to adopt rather than buy one, but this seemed to lessen the odds of finding the breed they truly wanted. After all, what chance was there of finding an Alaskan Malamute to adopt in Texas? And in such a huge state, how could they even search? Then Jodi happened onto Petfinder and discovered there was a way to make this dream come true.


Read Juno’s story in her adoptive “mom” Jodi’s own words.

“Thanks to the search feature, we found the perfect dog just an hour away from us,” she says. Juno was in poor condition when her previous people, who apparently didn’t consider her to be part of their family, relinquished her to Texarkana Animal League.

“When I went to get her,” Jodi says, “I walked in the kennel and she looked at me like, ‘It’s about time you showed up. I’m ready to go home.’ She had suffered some pretty serious neglect (and possibly abuse), but she has taken to the easy life rather well.” The couple is now thinking about adopting a playmate for her.

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