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Happy Tail: Two Schnauzers help a grieving family heal


The Busby family of Belleville, IL, was searching for a companion for their 11-year-old Schnauzer, Mesa, when they learned that she had an incurable lung tumor. They were devastated. They did everything they could to make her last days as comfortable as possible, but after she passed away, their house didn’t seem like home, and they decided that going ahead with their plan to adopt another dog would help them recover.

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Read the story in Angel and Sophie’s new “mom” Mindy’s words.

Five-year-old Angel, a miniature Schnauzer, had been listed on Petfinder for a few weeks when the Busbys spotted her and made plans to meet her. She was at Country Acres Rescue in Manchester, MO. It was an instant match, and they adopted her.

Angel helped the Busbys through a tough holiday season. “Her funny faces, opinions and entitled Schnauzer personality brought so much joy to our home again,” Mindy Busby says.

“She had a housemate that wasn’t on Petfinder yet because she had a litter of new puppies,” Mindy says. Two months later, when the puppies had been weaned and their mom was spayed, the Busbys went back to the rescue and adopted her as well. Her name is Sophie.

When Sophie arrived, the family watched as the two dogs got
reacquainted. They not only took to each other again, they fit right
into the Busby family.

“Even our two cats (also adult rescues) were very tolerant of the young
Sophie who often steps on them or licks their faces,” Mindy says. “On a
good night we can all be found in front of the TV sitting on the couch
— one dog on each side of my lap, one cat on my lap, and one cat on the
back of the couch behind my head.” If Mindy’s not available, her
husband fills the bill.

The dogs helped the family get through their grief at losing Mesa, and
in turn, the dogs have been given a new start, a good outcome all

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