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Disaster update: After a tornado, a Missouri shelter’s intake numbers skyrocket


Over 17 million people were affected by the recent severe tornado outbreaks in the South and Midwest. and the Foundation are working together to reach out to shelters and rescue groups in the impacted areas and provide assistance.


Extra kennels were bought with the financial assistance of the Foundation grant.

One member shelter, Taney County Animal Control in Hollister, MO, received a Foundation disaster relief grant totaling $10,000. While the tornado that hit Taney County missed the shelter, the group is now operating as an emergency shelter, taking on higher numbers of stray and displaced pets while the community recovers from the disaster. Sherry Simpson, animal control supervisor for Taney County Animal
Control reports that the shelter, which usually takes in about 50 pets a
month is taking in anywhere from 20 to 25 a day.

“The support from the Foundation has been a tremendous
help to the animal control rescue and recovery efforts following the
storm and is greatly appreciated,” Sherry says. “As a result of the
disaster, we have seen a significant increase in animals needing medical
assistance, sheltering and food. Because of this grant, we can provide
better assistance to the four legged victims of the tornadoes.”

The Foundation continues daily to assist the furry victims of
the Southern and Midwest tornadoes. So far, the Foundation has received ten disaster grant
applications from nearby shelters and rescue groups and we are assessing each to make sure adequate support is provided to
communities in need. (Donate to help.) members in need of disaster assistance from the Southern tornadoes, click here for a disaster grant application.

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