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Happy Tail: No one wanted them because of their age


“Too old.” That’s what kept people from adopting Speedy Catastrophe and Buca di Beppo, two 3-year-old guinea pigs. So they waited and waited for a family.


Read the story in Elise’s own words.

Fortunately, their ages didn’t deter Elise Murphy of Chicago. She and her husband had lost their hamster to ovarian cancer and, after a few months, they were ready to open their hearts to a new small and furry critter — or two.

“I met a lady with an amazing guinea pig at an animal shelter event I was
working,” Elise says, “and began to do some research on them. Through
Petfinder, we found The Critter Corral” in Steger, IL.

The couple wanted a pair of pigs and, when they learned about
Speedy and Beppo’s plight, they decided the twosome was perfect.

These two guinea pigs wake their “mom” and “dad” with their wheeks each
morning, calling for their breakfast. They like to cuddle while watching
movies. They even entertain their people when they’re taken
“to get professional ‘spa day’ pictures taken,” Elise says.

These piggies have lots of life left in them, no matter their age, and now they have a family with whom to share it.

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