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Happy Tail: Two Guinea Pigs bring happiness to an entire family


Denae Workman took the whole family with her when she went to adopt the two guinea pigs she saw listed on Petfinder by Piggie Lovers Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue in Latrobe, PA.


Read the guinea pigs’ story in their new “mom” Denae’s own words.

When she walked into the rescue, the piggies, Briony and Marigold, were sitting there, looking as cute as cute can be. To Denae, who lives in Greensburg, PA, they seemed to be saying, “Take me home.”

And that had been her intention since she “instantly fell in love with them” on Petfinder. She had called her sister and read the description and even sent photos — but her mind was already made up.

She filled out the adoption papers and it was off to the piggies’ new abode, where Denae provided a roomy enclosure for them to live in and a dresser of their own with all their supplies.

Now they’re living the life of Riley with all the attention the family gives them.

“We love them so much. They like to run around on the floor with my dogs and cuddle with them,” Denae says. “They are just spoiled and true family members. I couldn’t be happier.” And Briony and Marigold undoubtedly agree.

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