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Happy Tail: Would the starved dog be able to love?


Lindsey Ahl was determined to adopt a dog, even though her mother had suggested she go to a breeder to buy one. She began to search on Petfinder and one day she found just the right one: Shrek, a 1-year-old black Lab mix.


Read Fitz’s story in his adoptive mom Lindsey Ahl’s original words.

She had some concerns because he had been neglected and starved, but the folks at New England Lost Paws, who were caring for Shrek, answered all her questions and the pooch himself removed any lingering reservations.

“He was loving, outgoing and gave me kisses the first time we met,” she writes. “He loves other dogs and even shares his treats with his cousin (our roommate’s dog). He came crate-trained, housetrained and walks on a leash like a champ. The next day I adopted him and renamed him Fitz.”

All in all, she says he has become a huge part of her family. They go to the dog park every day and curl up on the couch for quiet time. She does worry a bit about how dependent he is upon her. “He even waits outside the bathroom when I shower,” she says, “but I am sure as time goes by and he recognizes my home as his home, he will become more comfortable being independent.”

Looks as if Fitz isn’t taking any chances on losing this good person who gave him his second chance.

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