Here’s What You Said: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

In our February newsletter we asked you to tell us if you were a cat person or a dog person. We received lots of responses, but some of you wouldn’t be backed into a corner and forced to make a choice. Grace summed it up: “I’m a cat person and a dog person. How can one choose one over the other? They are both wonderful!”



Shay Faulkner, shelter coordinator at Sugar Land Animal Services in Texas, summarized some of your feelings with this comment: “I own two dogs and I serve two cats.” (See a pic of Shay’s dogs after the jump.)

Darla seems to agree with Shay: “I’ve always liked the old saying that a cat’s approach to humans is, ‘I’ll get back to you when I’m darn good and ready.’ Dogs, on the other hand, are ALWAYS ready.”

Kathy says, “I am both a cat and dog person. Most of my life I have had cats. I finally was able to get a dog about three years ago. I have always loved and respected dogs, but my husband and I did not realize how wonderful a little dog buddy can be. We still love our three cats who tolerate our little rescue dog, Shadow. What I did not realize is that a little dog is cleaner and easier to care for than a cat. I also get more outside exercise with my dog. We will always be both cat and dog people now!”

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Shay Faulkner’s two dogs

Nancy gives another perspective. She has had both cats and dogs and says that “dogs are much more work than cats. They want more attention, need to go out, you have to keep them out of the cat boxes, out of the cat food and they bring fleas into the house — not their fault. Cats, on the other hand, are happy to ‘hang out’ with you. They’re every bit as affectionate and as smart as, if not smarter than, most dogs.” (Her beloved late dog, Abe, she says, was one of the “smarter” exceptions.)

Some people were more adamant about their preferences. Walter says, “I am a dog person. They are loyal friends that put you first above everything else. They are greeters, show affection, and would rather be with or around you than anything else. They want to share with you and be there for you.”

Carol, a cat person, says, “Cats are independent and so cool! I can hang out with a cat without feeling like they are zapping my energy. Cats are great companions, and they don’t need my constant attention.”

Kim says her first reaction was to say “both,” but then she decided she was a dog person. “My dogs are happy to see me every time I walk in the door; my cats are cats, glad I am there to feed them and that is about it!”

Rene sees far more than that in her cats. “Cats are calm; they snuggle with you; they listen to you, yet they are very entertaining to watch.”

Judy is 70, lives alone and says that her cats are her family. “My two girls and one boy keep me company, listen to me when I talk to them and sometimes talk back to me, snuggle with me at night and love to be petted, have their tummies rubbed and be brushed. They are the joys of my life.”

So no great consensus was reached, but your answers were fun. As it turns out, most of you are, as some said, “animal people.”