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It’s an election year (duh). And our friends over at Animal Planet have launched Decision 2012, a yearlong campaign pitting Cats against Dogs (with a challenge from the “Menagerie” Party) to determine once and for all which species is America’s favorite pet.

Nominations and voting in the “Cutest” category are open now, so visit the site to upload a photo or video of your own best candidate — and show your rescue pride by adding the #adopted hashtag. Then check out and vote on the other nominees (and search #adopted to see and vote on fellow formerly homeless cuties).

Over the course of the year, nominations and voting will open up in the Smartest, Most Talented, Most Athletic and Funniest categories. The pets with the highest ratings from each category will move onto the “general election” in November, and the final vote will determine which species is elected America’s Favorite.

After the jump: Learn more about how Decision 2012 works.

From Decision 2012: Here’s How It Works
What is America’s favorite pet?

It’s a debate that has divided Americans for as long as there has been an America.

The Founding Fathers were primarily dog people, amusing themselves by giving their canines names like Drunkard (Washington), Buzzy (Jefferson) and Satan (John Adams).

Later, cats made inroads in our leaders’ hearts with Tabby (Lincoln), Tom Quartz (Teddy Roosevelt), Tom Kitten (Kennedy) and Socks (Clinton).

Finally, after more than two centuries of assertions, claims and counterclaims … 2012 is the year we will finally get the answer.

Dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, otters, (dark) horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets, pigs …

Now is the time for all good pet owners to come to the aid of their creatures!

And, just as we see in the modern political climate … compromise is no virtue in this debate. You must be strong and steadfast in your belief in the pet you love.

Here’s how the nomination process works:

Right now and throughout the election cycle, we need you to put forth the creature representative(s) who you feel will give their party a winning chance.

Upload or embed photos and videos that exemplify what’s best (or heartwarmingly worst) about dogs, cats or other domestic occupiers from hamsters to parakeets to goldfish.

We’ll solicit these nominations by individual qualities — the first “primary” (going on now) is “Cuteness.”

Each approved nomination enters a slideshow for “we the people” (meaning you and the Internet community) to rate.

Think of these slideshows as the televised debate phase, where you get to familiarize yourself with the candidates … only with far less bickering and far more fun.

You can follow the highest rated representatives on our Leaderboard (coming soon).

Come back often to check out the latest top rated representatives for each party in each category. New ones will be added all the time for you to rate. Each new nomination has the chance to be a game changer.

Coming Soon: Break it Down by State

Is Wisconsin really the badger state? We’ll see about that.

We’ll also take state opinion polls to gauge the public’s views “if the election were held today.” There you’ll be able to see, for instance, if you live in a Dog state or a Cat state or a Parakeet state.

The Election Process (No Electoral College Here!)

A total of five categories will be explored throughout the year.

And come November, a general election will take place. On the ticket will be the three parties (dogs, cats and other favorites) and their highest rated representatives in each category.

You’ll vote for a winning party in each category and the final tally will determine which species is elected America’s Favorite.

This election season is sure to be heated, and we’ll report about the latest news – scandals and all – and give you a platform to express your views and lobby for your party by sharing links and getting out the vote.

So do not delay — it’s your duty as a pet-loving American!

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