Meet the Hunger Games pets!

Hunger Games fever is everywhere — even at your local animal shelter! This weekend, after you’ve seen the movie, visit Petfinder and think about adopting one of the many adorable homeless pets with names inspired by characters in the popular series.

Meet a sampling of them here:


Meet all adoptable pets named Gale

Like his best friend Katniss, Gale is a survivor hoping for a better life — just like the 12 adoptable Gales (nine cats and three dogs) posted on Petfinder today. One of them is pictured at right. His description reads, “I’m Gale Hawthorne, named for the young hunter from the Hunger Games!
See me slinking about the bathroom — I’m just about invisible, aren’t I?
Well, I am trying to be, but it’s hard when you are this handsome!”

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Meet all adoptable pets named Katniss

There are 15 cats and 15 dogs named Katniss posted on Petfinder today, and like the main character in the Hunger Games series, each one of them deserves their time in the spotlight! The Katniss pictured here has a description that says: “Meet Katniss (A15616814), the star of the Hunger Games series! Just like
the Katniss in the movies, this Katniss can’t wait to be the star in
your life!”


Meet Peeta in Overland Park, KS, at Heart of America Humane Society.

Meet all adoptable pets named Peeta

Peeta Mellark is loyal and sweet — just like the seven cats, nine dogs and one hamster named Peeta posted on Petfinder today. For example, the Australian Shepherd/Lab puppy pictured here has a description that reads: “Like my namesake, I am very loyal. When I figure out you are my friend, I will follow you anywhere.”


Meet Prim in West Tennessee, TN, at West TN Animal Rescue.

Meet all adoptable pets named Prim

There are 15 pets named Prim (and 17 named Primrose) posted on Petfinder, including the kitten pictured here, who is looking for a forever home along with her mom Katniss and siblings Peeta, Prim, Gale and Octavia.

More Hunger Games pets on Petfinder:

185 adoptable pets named Buttercup

8 adoptable pets named Cinna

10 adoptable pets named Prue

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Adopt a Buttercup
(an interactive map of Petfinder cats who look like the cat named Buttercup in the novels)