100 Heartwarming Stories from The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site, a longtime partner and supporter of the Petfinder.com Foundation, has released its first e-book, 100 Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Rescue Site. The book sold over 1,000 copies in its first week and is getting great reviews.


100 Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Rescue Site tells touching tales of pet adoption and rescue.

“We’ve been collecting stories of rescued pets and their ‘fur-ever’ homes for many years,” says Tim Kunin, CEO of The Animal Rescue Site and GreaterGood Network. “These tales always have been one of the most popular features on the homepage and other electronic media.”

The book is available for $0.99 for both Kindle and Nook,
and is a guaranteed fun read for animal lovers.
Many of the pets featured in the stories were once considered
unadoptable, which only strengthens the impact of their stories.

hope that others will be encouraged by this e-book to consider adopting
not just puppies and kittens, but also older pets, horses, rabbits,
ferrets and others,” says Greg Hesterberg, president of The Animal
Rescue Site and a Petfinder.com Foundation board member.

The book ends with a bonus story on the Petfinder.com Foundation’s Rescue U program and its January trip to Guthrie, OK,
to rebuild the City of Guthrie Animal Shelter.
That trip was paid for entirely by a generous donation from The Animal
Rescue Site.

The Petfinder.com Foundation regularly partners with
The Animal Rescue Site on programs including Rescue U, vaccinations, disaster relief and the annual Shelter+ Challenge (more about that below). Funding for these programs
comes from The Animal Rescue Site’s Click Here to Give and Gifts that Give More initiatives as well as direct donations.

Round 1 of the $300,000 Shelter+ Challenge of 2012 is under way! Did you know there
are several Dark Horse prizes this round for groups that have never
won? If you have never received a Shelter+ Challenge grant from the
Petfinder.com Foundation and The Animal Rescue site, this is an amazing
chance to do so. There is more reason than ever to encourage your
supporters to vote for you daily! Search for your favorite shelter and vote here.

To learn more about the Petfinder.com Foundation or to donate, please visit www.petfinderfoundation.com

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