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Happy Tail: A sociable rabbit makes mornings special



Read Chloe’s story in adopter Susan Gemberling’s own words.

When Susan Gemberling of Glenolden, PA, sits down to enjoy her morning cup of coffee, she can anticipate a rather surprising companion: Chloe, her Silver Martin Dwarf Rabbit.

“Chloe loves company and can’t wait for you to notice her and pet her,” Susan says. This gregarious rabbit was picked up as a stray by Delaware County SPCA in Media, PA. Susan saw her listing on Petfinder.

Chloe’s sociability isn’t limited to coffee time. She has run of the living room, and it’s not unusual for her to pull on Susan’s shoelaces or the hems of her jeans to get attention when Susan is watching TV. If that doesn’t work, she headbutts her “mom’s” ankles.

The prospect of a treat sends the bunny into action. “She will run around the perimeter of the living room, behind the couch, the recliner, the desk, across the room, sometimes twice. It amazes my friends,” Susan says.

So much for people thinking that bunnies don’t have unique and charming personalities. “Chloe and I have bonded and people are surprised when you tell them how much fun a bunny can be,” Susan says.

They’re not only fun, but funny as well. Chloe proves it.

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month. Help other rabbits find homes: Tell your rabbit adoption story.

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