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Happy Tail: Someone was going to throw the rabbit off a bridge


When Willow Webster’s son brought home a bunny that someone was going to throw off a bridge, she could hardly say the Webster family couldn’t keep him.


Read the story of Willow Webster’s four rabbits in her own words.

Eventually, it became clear that the rabbit, whom they named Bun Bun, needed a companion. Webster turned to PetSave Foundation in Hawthorne, CA, and adopted a rabbit named Samantha.

Webster also volunteered to clean cages for the foundation, and eventually adopted two more rabbits, Blake and Angel.

These days, her volunteer work includes posting the organization’s rabbits on Petfinder, giving them names and making cage cards. She also lists the adoptable bunnies on her own Facebook and YouTube pages.

“It was Bun Bun who started it all,” she writes, “and turned me into a bunny lover. … You could say I’m a bunny nut and you’d be right! I absolutely love bunnies!”

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month. Help other rabbits find homes: Tell your rabbit adoption story.

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