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Happy Tail: The rabbit had been raised for food



Read Ashley’s adoption story in her “mom” Laurelin’s original words.

When 12-year-old Ernie’s bond mate passed away, he was lonely. Laurelin Sitterly of Providence, RI, had adopted Ernie from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in Foster, RI, nine years earlier, so that’s where the family turned to find him a new friend.

“Knowing that he has always preferred larger buns — he weighs in at two pounds — we tried Ashley, a middle-aged Giant Chinchilla,” Laurelin says.

Ashley had spent her entire life as a breeder in an outdoor shed where
she had regularly witnessed other rabbits being slaughtered. She herself
had narrowly missed being someone’s dinner, according to Laurelin. The
death of her owner saved her, and she ended up at Sweet Binks, awaiting a
loving home. How lucky she was when Laurelin saw her on Petfinder and
decided to give this big bun a chance at the good life.

At first it was dicey. “She was traumatized, to say the least,” Laurelin
says, “and spent the first couple of days with us hiding in her litter
box, which was larger than her previous cage.”

Then a transformation occurred. “It was like someone flipped a switch,
and the ‘real’ Ashley came out with force! She is now a highly social,
silly and fiercely intelligent bun who has taken over the house; she is
free range, and sleeps on ‘her’ couch,” Laurelin says. She has not only
made friends with Ernie, but gets along with the dog and cat as well.

The family doesn’t know how they got along with out her. For Ashley, it was a close call, but now life is sweet.

March is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month. Help other rabbits find homes: Tell your rabbit adoption story.

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