Five pet-themed Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so we asked our Facebook fans, “Have you ever included your pet in a romantic gesture?” Your responses gave us some great ideas.



1. Send a message via your pet’s collar. Christa W.’s sweetheart proposed this way. “My fiance had two dog tags made,” she writes. “One said ‘will you’ and the other said ‘marry me?’ And when I looked back at him he was on one knee with the ring!”

2. Create a pet-themed custom present. Melissa M. says, “My fiance bought me a white-gold paw necklace with diamonds and my two dogs’ names engraved on it.” Check out No. 3 to see how it was delivered!

3. Have your pet give the gift. Melissa’s fiance had her rescued Pit Bull bring the necklace to her with a card that read, “To Mommy, Love Bella and Reed.” To do the same, teach your dog the “take it” command, using a small bag that can hold your present. Have your dog practice walking a few steps to you while holding the bag. To present the gift, have your dog take the present in another room, then ask your sweetheart to call your pet.

4. Do a sweet or funny photo shoot with your pets to use on a custom card. “My fur kids and I dressed up with feather boas, bow ties, top hats, princess crowns and other accessories for a DIY photo shoot at home,” says Emily R. “The photos were used to make a loving handmade birthday card for my boyfriend, featuring his favorite party animals.”

5. Give a Pet Promise Certificate. “My husband and I had been talking about adopting a Westie puppy,” says Maddie B. “So for my birthday, he gave me a stuffed-animal Westie. It was a romantic clue of what was to come … my baby girl! Five years later, she is still such a wonderful addition to our family!” You can download and print our Pet Promise Certificate, a promise that you will pay the adoption fee for the pet of your honey’s choosing, and give it to him or her with a stuffed animal or pet toy.

Will you include your pet in your Valentine’s Day fun? Tell us how below and don’t miss these other Valentine’s Day pages for pet parents:

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