A trip to Florida gives an Alabama puppy a second chance


Last August, 10 Petfinder.com shelters and rescue groups received $1,000 grants from Blue Sky Soda and the Petfinder.com Foundation. Here’s another story about how the money is being used to help pets in need.

Save A Pet, a rescue group in Dothan, AL, has a straightforward mission: To promote the adoption of homeless pets and to encourage spay/neuter through education and lifesaving programs. It does not have a physical shelter; rather, Save A Pet transfers pets from the local shelter, finds foster homes, holds adoption events and transports pets to less-crowded shelters.


Deanna, now named Lily, found a forever home thanks in part to a Petfinder.com Foundation grant.

In August, Save A Pet received a $1,000 grant from the Petfinder.com Foundation and Blue Sky Soda and put the money toward vaccinations and transport. While many pets benefited, one dog in particular stood out.

Deanna, a young Boxer mix, was pulled from the crowded City of Dothan Animal Shelter and vaccinated against bordetella. She was then transported to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Florida for its adoption event “Passion for Pets.”

Pam Backer, director of shelter operations at HSTB, saw Deanna at the event. “She pranced around and made everyone smile,” Backer says. “Everyone wanted to adopt her.”

One young woman in particular was enthralled with Deanna, but by the
time she approached Backer, Deanna was spoken for. Backer kept her phone
number in case something happened. As it turned out, the adoption fell
through. The young woman came rushing back to HSTB and immediately
adopted Deanna, renaming her Lily.

A couple of weeks after the
adoption, Backer checked in with the adopter: “She told me Lily has brought so much joy into
her life and home. She is the perfect fit.”

Lily found her
forever home because Save A Pet was able to vaccinate and transport her
with the help of a grant from the Petfinder.com Foundation and Blue Sky
Soda. Save A Pet president Nicole Wiley says, “Thank you for your
support! Thank you, Blue Sky Soda!”

To learn more about the Petfinder.com Foundation or to donate, please visit www.petfinderfoundation.com

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