VIDEO: In Oklahoma, a shattered shelter is transformed


This week the Foundation‘s Rescue U volunteers have been hard at work repairing the damage dealt to the City of Guthrie Animal Shelter by an F5 tornado in May 2011. (Watch a video of our first day in Guthrie here.)


Noah learns to install fencing from some more-seasoned Rescue U volunteers.

As the week comes to an end, the transformation of the shelter is almost
complete, but the impact it will have on the community is just

This week has been an inspiring experience. Working through their holiday break, the student volunteers are in high spirits. Two local news stations picked up the story (News 9 and KFOR) and the community is rallying behind Rescue U: Enormous meals have been donated to keep the students fed, pet food and beds are coming in from local donors, and city employees regularly stop by the site to see the progress and cheer the kids on.

Watch our second video update and see our progress after the jump.

In this video, you can see the transformation taking place as we lay concrete, move the garage, build new roofs on two buildings and more. You’ll also hear from local woman Deena Barclay, who joined the trip after seeing a message about it posted on Facebook, and also recruited her sister Rayanna Smith and Rayanna’s boyfriend, Geoff Zyung.

While we were visiting with the shelter’s adoptable animals, we saw an adoption in progress — local woman Rainey Smith bonded with a kitten named Daphne and adopted her on the spot.

Special thanks:
On this trip we have student volunteers from Delaware Valley College, Montgomery County Community College, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma.
These kids are giving up their holiday vacation to help, and the work
they are doing is amazing. Working 10+ hours a day, they’ve made
incredible progress.

Alpha Pooch
donated a film crew to film the progress of this trip, and the footage
is incredibly moving.

Thank you so much to The Animal Rescue Site for funding this trip in full. Don’t forget to visit them every day and click to give to pets in need!

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