VIDEO: College students rebuild a tornado-flattened animal shelter


Hello and happy New Year! This New Year’s Eve I traveled to Guthrie, OK, to help rebuild the City of Guthrie Animal Shelter as part of the Foundation‘s next week-long Rescue U Trip — our program that sends college students to repair and rebuild shelters in need.


The Guthrie shelter was destroyed by an F5 tornado on May 24, 2011.

May 24, 2011, the Guthrie shelter was hit by an F5 tornado (the most powerful kind), leveling
one of its two buildings and significantly damaging the outdoor kennels
and other infrastructure.

In the seven months since, shelter staff have been struggling to rebuild and
care for the animals at an offsite temporary shelter. FEMA aided in
rebuilding some of the shelter, but the money ran out and the project

Thanks to funding from the Animal Rescue Site,
Rescue U is here to finish the job and make sure the employees of
the Guthrie shelter can function at full capacity by Sunday,
Jan. 8. Then the shelter will once again be able to
open its doors to help the people and pets of Guthrie, OK.

After the jump, watch our first video update from the trip.

Stay tuned for more updates from the ground in Guthrie, OK!

Special thanks:
On this trip we have student volunteers from Delaware Valley College, Montgomery County Community College, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma.
These kids are giving up their holiday vacation to help, and the work
they are doing is amazing. Working 10+ hours a day, they’ve made
incredible progress.

Alpha Pooch
donated a film crew to film the progress of this trip, and the footage
is incredibly moving. The video above
documents Day 1 of this build.

Thank you so much to The Animal Rescue Site for funding this trip in full. Don’t forget to visit them every day and click to give to pets in need!

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