Here’s What You Said: Your pets’ New Year’s resolutions

In December we asked our newsletter readers and our Facebook fans what New Year’s resolutions their pets would make if they could. Many of you answered on your pets’ behalf.


Danny and his soda can sweetheart.

Lille Pia Melane the cat meowed, “Convince mom to keep the Christmas tree up all year round!” Danny the parrotlet (pictured) proposed to “drive the humans in the house crazy by doing nutty, annoying things — like falling in love with a can of soda pop, for instance!”

From Ronnan Dex the budgie: “Just hang out with mom and watch more TV.”
Reader Deborah reports, “All my babies probably wish they were the only one, as they love attention. I have Chico, a blue-front Amazon, Simon is a blue-and-gold macaw, Bailey and Eli are sun conures, Jessie and Bobby are cockatiels and Bella, Tiko, Abby and Levi are pocket parrots.”

Kelly works at a transitional homeless shelter, and her pooch goes to
work with her on Fridays. The dog wants to go more often and wants
more treats from more people on doggie work days. Christinna’s pet
resolves to beg for more treats.

Several people say their pooches resolve to stop barking so
much. Hmmm. Whose resolution is that anyway?
Jessica’s cats resolve to gain weight. Now that sounds more like it!
Alicia’s cat’s resolution: “To not let my kidney failure get me down. There are too
many rubber bands to play catch with!”

Dakota the dog
resolved to get his own Facebook page, and he can already cross that off
his list
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