Petfinder’s top ten pet stories of 2011


Cheryl and Roxy’s reunion story quickly became a reader favorite.

2011 may be gone, but its stories won’t be forgotten.

I’ll never forget the horror I felt when I discovered that one of the canine stars of the Harry Potter films was homeless. Or the joy of watching tornado victim Judy Pugh find her missing cat during her interview with CNN.

We pulled together a list of our most-read stories of 2011 and included them all after the jump. Did you see them all?

1. This Pit Bull reunion will make you cry

2. Video: A tornado victim finds her lost cat during a CNN interview

3. Video: Fallen Navy SEAL’s loyal dog won’t leave his casket

4. A NYC shelter holds the world’s first same-sex cat wedding

5. How to build a safe, warm feral-cat shelter

6. George Clooney adopts a dog … after passing his home visit

7. The dog in Harry Potter films needs a home

8. Wall-E the ‘euthanized dog will be adopted; will other Wall-Es?

9. The best FREE iPhone apps for cats; plus: tips for apps and cats

10. Top dog and cat names of 2011!

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