Hero horses help nab a serial burglar

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An Arizona man is crediting his horses for tipping him off to a burglar trying to break into his neighbor’s house this weekend. (Read the full story reported by the Eastern Arizona Courier.)


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Early Sunday morning, Larry Larson of Graham County, AZ, was preparing to meet his brother when he noticed his horses were awake and their ears pointed back (a common sign that a horse feels threatened).

Larson decided to feed the horses, but they “paid no attention to the food and continued to attentively watch the neighbor’s house,” the Courier reports.

Larson investigated and noticed a man trying to break into his
neighbor’s car. The two men scuffled and Larson’s wife called the police, who arrived and arrested Michael Anthony Rosales Jr. Police believe Rosales is connected to several other area burglaries.

“That guy should have never came into that part of the neighborhood, but what really gave him up was the horses,” Larson told the Courier.

“They didn’t want to come over and see me; they wanted to see what was going on in the dark. … If they’re not paying attention to me, there’s something really wrong going on, because they don’t pass up feed.”

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