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Happy Tail: The three doves were left to fend for themselves


January is Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird Month, so I want to tell you about three doves who had little to coo about. Max, Buster and Piper’s owner was found dead in his sleep, leaving the three birds and other farm animals alone.

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Read Max, Buster and Piper’s adoption story in Meg’s own words.

Live and Let Live Farm Rehabilitation Rescue and Sanctuary in Concord, NH, came to the rescue. “These doves were in pretty poor shape, as it seemed the owner had been sick for a while without friends and family realizing it,” says Teresa Paradis, executive director of Live and Let Live.

Doves are a communal species by nature, and these three were lucky enough to be adopted together. Not that Meg L. of Goffstown, NH, was looking for three doves to adopt. 

“My original reason for wanting to adopt a dove was because I had a pair of diamond doves and unfortunately one of them died, leaving the female lonely and sad,” she says. “I checked Petfinder for doves to try and find one who could be her mate, and instead I found three.”

When she went to meet them, she realized they might not be a good match for her diamond dove because they were much larger. But they seemed fun and personable, so she decided to adopt them.

They’ve been great additions to the family, she says. “Buster loves to get into trouble and then fly off, laughing ‘hehehe’ all the way to the next adventure,” Meg says. “Piper is quiet and cautious but she loves to explore the shelf where their food is kept to make sure no seeds were dropped, and Max, my friendly little guy, acts like a dog. He comes over when I talk to him and will sit next to me while I do homework.”

They spend at least an hour out of their giant dog kennel-cage each day.
And though they’re not living in the same cage with Meg’s diamond dove, the smaller bird’s cage is adjacent to theirs and she is soothed by their cooing. Who knew doves were so coo-l?

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