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Happy Tail: Abandoned rabbits become best friends


February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, so today we’re featuring the story of Patch and Peewee.


Read the story of Patch (left) and Peewee in Karen’s own words.

Patch’s previous family probably started out with good intentions when they bought her at a pet store, but they eventually surrendered her to the District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Shelter in British Columbia when one of them developed an allergy to her.

Peewee was abandoned in the wild. Her odds of survival there were slim.
Fortunately she also ended up in the care of the North Vancouver shelter. Both were posted on Petfinder, where Karen Chan Fong of
Vancouver saw them and arranged
to adopt them.

The two have become good companions for one another, even though they
have very different personalities. “Peewee is very sweet-natured,” Karen
says, “and Patch, well, is the opposite. She took longer to feel safe
and trusting, which is no wonder, but she’s a great and hilarious,
peevish 7-year-old lady!”

Like most rabbits, Karen says, hers don’t like to be picked up, but
Peewee enjoys being cuddled on the floor and even takes the opportunity
to groom Karen from time to time.

“If you spend a lot of time with them and give them free run,” she says,
“rabbits are awesome companions; they communicate amazingly well and
certainly know how to make their wants understood! Rabbits deserve to be
better-known and understood.”

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