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Happy Tail: The parrot was given up by two homes in a row


Happy Adopt-A-Rescued-Bird Month! Here’s another touching bird adoption story from our Happy Tail database (be sure to submit your own story to encourage others to adopt!).


After her original guardian died, Max, a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, was surrendered to a rescue group. She found a home with a couple, but when the husband got sick, it was back to the Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda, FL, for Max, where she waited for a year for a permanent home. Then Athena Wilder of Seffner, FL, spotted her on Petfinder.

Athena has nothing but praise for her new family member. Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots are considered the best of the “talkers,” so it’s no surprise that in the short time Athena has had Max, the bird has already learned three new words.

These parrots are social as well. “If I am away too long, she will
come looking for me,” Athena says. “She sleeps and goes everywhere with

Athena can expect to have Max — who is now 25 years old — with her for a long
time. Her species has a life expectancy of 50 years or more — something
to consider when adopting a parrot.

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