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Happy Tail: Would you give up your apartment for a dog?


What happens when two dog lovers live in a no-dogs-allowed apartment? Emily Scheu of Washington, DC, tells us what she and her husband did. “Whenever we’d see a dog on the streets,” she says, “we’d have to bend down and pet him or her. We watched dog show after dog show on Animal Planet. We knew things had gotten bad when we found ourselves standing outside the local dog park fence, ogling all the adorable dogs inside.”


Read Pocket’s story in his adoptive mom Emily Scheu’s own words.

All these “symptoms” meant one thing: The couple had to move. So they did, to a dog-friendly apartment.

Once that was accomplished, the search began. “We immediately turned to Petfinder and fell in love with 1,000 dogs,” Scheu says. Fortunately, one stood out. His name was Billy.

Billy was being fostered through K-9 Lifesavers, also in D.C. The couple applied for him, had a home visit and were approved, then drove to Billy’s foster home to meet him.

“He ran out to greet us with his foster mom and five or so other dogs
and before we even got out of the car, we knew he was the one for us,” Scheu says. Twenty minutes later, he was on his way to his new home. They
renamed him Pocket. “Neither of us can be in a bad mood around him —
he sucks it right out,” says Scheu. “We look forward to coming home to him every

The couple still watches Animal Planet, but now Pocket is cuddled up
beside them. And they are no longer lurkers at the dog park; they can go
right in with their spunky pup. It’s a happy ending for a Pocket pal.

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